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The State of the Union... followed by punch and pie!

What a ridiculous display of shameless self promotion last night's address was. for those of you who didn't see it, let me sum it up for you.

1. a constitutional amendment proposal that will make marriage a bond between a man and a woman.

my response: marriage is a joke anyway. it holds no more of it's sanct mystery as people flaunt massive engagement rings, plan huge, extravagant weddings, and divorce as if they were changing underwear. but what does marriage really mean? it's a lifelong, yes LIFELONG bond between two PEOPLE who think that they are better with each other. and who have shown resiliance and strength in the face of adversity, and remain together. to me, this is the foundation of almost every gay relationship i've ever seen. to conclude this, i'll quote margaret cho "we have to realize, that any government that would deny bridal registery to a gay man is a facist state"

2. increased funding to promote abstinance in public schools.

:there is a hidden agenda to this. not only will they promote abstinance, but also, forms of birth control, such as condoms, pills, and the like, will be banned for campuses. how does that help anything? then when things do happen, and it's inevitable they will, students will not have the information and access to protection, and they are innumerable consequences that go along with that. besides, when i was in high school, the big issue was channel one, education and commercials. some teachers thought it was a good idea, but me, and several of my fellow students didn't believe so, and we rebelled against it. besides, teachers promoting abstinance aren't going to stop premarital sex. it will continue, and, i believe grow much worse, if other options are deprived

3. no mention whatsoever of health care

:i work in a hospital. healthcare doesn't exist. i've seen what the markup is on typical instumentation for surgery, (500-1000%), prescription medication, pure evil (HMO's)
and a wide variety of sorely needed medical equipment. if someone can't afford life-saving surgery, they either die, or drive themselves so deep into debt, that other relatives have to continue paying after they die. there's no need for it to be this way. instead, hospitals, rather than simply looking out of the bottom line and tryint to out-hustle each other for dwindling insurance payouts and wealthier patients, could focus on healing patients with care, and over-worked and WAY underpaid staff could truly take pride in their work, rather than working an obscene amount of hours just to get by. now, large corporations buy hospitals into their groups, to ease their own debt and impose their "rules" onto them. i'll stop here, because i realize i'm getting quite a bit long winded.

4. no mention of tuition and the cost of higher education

everyone i know can claim at least some debt to some institute of higher education. but what are we paying for. at WMU, we're paying for less library hours, expensive parties for the new president, more and more for fewer and fewer parking spaces, and, worst of all, a system of standardized, multiple guess tests, apathetic professors, and a whole disenfranchised student body. rather than this, how about we learn things truly relevant to our lives in the future, like relaxation and stress reducing techniques, true interpersonal communication, and how to really think for ourselves. instead, we're graded in classes on attendance, class participation and our ablity to spout useless facts at will.
if this is what you're paying all that damn money for, it should be considerably less or free, because you can get much the same information playing a round or two of trival pursuit.

ok, i'm spent.

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